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Koch & Associates Inc.

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Rockwall, Texas 5087Phone: 972-722-5470

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Koch & Associates Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of safety products for the propane industry.

With over forty years of experience in the industry, we understand the concerns that marketers and dealers have with safety and the need for day to day compliance with codes and standards.

NFPA 54 requires a leak check when there is an interruption in service. Utilizing Koch & Associates propane leak check equipment complies with this requirement.

NFPA 58 requires gas regulator installation protection from the elements and forces as a result of accumulated snow and ice in areas where heavy snowfall is anticipated. Installation of Koch & Associates gas regulator shields complies with this requirement.

Let us help you select standardized equipment and procedures that make these requirements easy to implement.

At Koch & Associates Inc., our main concern is providing you a superior quality product which will help you stay compliant and afford you a safer environment.


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